How E-Stores Work


Want easy, hassle-free, group ordering?

Use our online e-stores to promote and sell spirit wear to your group.

  • No order forms
  • No time wasted sorting order forms
  • Never handle cash or checks again!


  • Free custom design work
  • 1,000's of design templates available
  • Use your logo and ideas to get exactly what YOU want! 


What is the process when setting  up an e-store?

  1. Our design team works with you to create designs for your group. We will send electronic proofs via email.

  2. We work with you to select the best apparel to maximize your sales.

  3. E-Store will be set up with your products.

  4. Your store link will be emailed, and a digital flyer will be sent.

How many designs and products can we have?

We highly suggest 1-3 designs.  Once we have the designs set, you can put them on a variety of apparel.  We will work with you to determine the best apparel for your group.

Are there any minimums?

Yes and No.  Most of our one color designs do not have a minimum.  Embroidery and rhinestone designs do have minimums that must be met.  Most minimums are 12 pieces.  You can put your design on many different items to meet your minimum. For example, you sell 6 shirts and 6 hoodies that all have the same design and print location. This means you sold 12 total designs so your minimum is met.  We can help you set up the e-store to maximize your earnings and to meet minimum requirements. 

*A refund is issued to the customer when a minimum is not met. We also notify the customer of the issue to offer an alternative product. We can explain this in more detail during a consultation.*

What are the different types of e-stores?

  1. Time-Limited Sale - A time-limited sale means your sale will occur in a specified time frame. There is a start date and end date to the sale. Orders will be filled all at once, and will be available for pick up/delivery/or shipped approx. 2 weeks after the end sale date.  Orders are bagged per customer for easy distribution to your group.

  2. On-Going Sale - A sale that is open 24/7, all year. Orders are filled one at a time as they come in. Delivery is approx. 2 weeks from the date the order is placed.  Orders are shipped or available for local pick up at our location, 1078 Pueblo Drive, Batavia, IL.  Customers are given the option at checkout. 
*Time-Limited Sales are the most effective for teams/groups. When there is a deadline for orders it tends to get people's attention, and they order all at once. This results in higher earnings potential.  On-going sale is only set up AFTER an initial Time-Limited Sale. 

Can our e-store be set up as a fund raiser?

Yes!  This is our most common type of e-store.  Earnings are based on a percentage of the sale.  If taxes are included, the IL sales tax will come out of the earnings first. Taxes are added to the shopping cart total upon checkout. We tax all personal Illinois orders unless stated otherwise in the product description.

Some businesses and organizations prefer a lower price point for their employees and members. In this instance the price is lower, and no percentage is earned on the sale.  This is preference and up to the group setting up the e-store.

What will Spirit Corner provide?

  • Suggestions and help with design
  • Suggestions and help with product selection
  • Artwork for the website and products
  • Digital mock ups of designs on products
  • Web page/e-store for ordering
  • PDF flyer to promote the sale
  • Custom design work as needed (additional fee may apply depending on the design work needed)
  • Products delivered in a timely fashion
  • Earnings check based on the type of sale

What should I provide to get my e-store process going?

  • How many people are in the group/organization?  Exactly WHO is buying? Kids, adults, parents?
  • How will the sale be promoted?
  • What types of products are you interested in offering?
  • What are the approximate size ranges of your target buyers?
  • Designs ideas if you have something specific in mind 
  • Font if you have a specific font in mind
  • Written permission to use any copyrighted or trademarked logo for your group. We suggest organization letterhead that is signed by owner/coach/athletic director.  We do NOT print or reproduce any logo without permission.

How do I contact Spirit Corner?

  • 1-800-264-9403 toll free
  • 1-630-777-9814 office